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Living Beyond Fear
Berta Dandler
How a practical understanding of the non-dual teachings can bring inner peace, fulfilment and fearlessness.

The Upanishads, and all the most profound spiritual teachings, shed light on our ultimate nature, which transcends individuality and is not separate from the whole.

The supreme discovery of this science of life is that our true Self is one with the ultimate Power of which the world is a phenomenal expression. It is through realizing this non-duality that we can live free from fear. Reason cannot penetrate this mystery. The truth of non-duality is disclosed to the thoroughly serene mind, intent on self-discovery.

The practical approach to this enquiry and the methods that lead to fearlessness and fulfilment are the theme of this book by the Warden of Shanti Sadan. Its chapters include several suggestions for meditative practice and goal-directed living that can be taken up by any sincere enquirer.

The summit of human understanding is to realize that this 'I' transcends the limited ego, and is universal, limitless, one in all, yet transcending all. Just as in the baby there is the seed of the fully developed human being, so in this limited egoism, this I-sense, is hidden the infinite I. This is what the Kena Upanishad calls 'the Mind of the mind, the Eye of the eye, the Ear of the ear'.

This true I is the conscious light and power through which these means of knowledge are enabled to function. The 'Mind of the mind' also indicates the supremacy of this innermost principle, much as we might use such expressions as the God of gods, the Holy of holies, the Light of lights. This is what under-lies every human being, and, indeed, the whole cosmos.'

from Affirmations of the Highest Truth
200 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-85424-069-2


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