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Method of the Vedanta
Swami Satchidanandendra, translated by A.J.Alston
A history of the non-dual philosophical tradition.
This monumental study was written in Sanskrit by Swami Satchidanandendra (1880-1975). The translation is the first large-scale critical history of Advaita to appear in the West.

It is a panorama to show how later Advaita gradually broke up into mutually opposed schools and adopted more and more of the methods of the Logicians, thereby losing the firm anchorage in the Upanishads preserved by Shankara and Sureshvara.

'We must be grateful to Alston for having undertaken this difficult task and for having made this important work more accessible to the Western reader.'
Professor J W De Jong, Indo-Iranian Journal

'The rise of knowledge depends on nothing more than the Upanishadic texts and the words of the teacher. This it is... that communicates knowledge of the ever-established Self.'
1005 pages, hardback, types, ISBN 978-0-7103-0120-8

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