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Power Behind the Mind
Marjorie Waterhouse
Guidance and clear advice based on a rare understanding of the human mind and its higher powers.
Marjorie Waterhouse was one of the earliest pupils of Hari Prasad Shastri and became Warden of Shanti Sadan on his passing in 1956. She had a fully enlightened understanding of the spiritual path and its goal, and a gift in presenting the highest teachings in an approachable way.

Her focus is always on how to practise the spiritual Yoga, and on clarifying the reasons why one should practise and seek the spiritual goal of life.

Her exposition of the higher power that lies unsuspected 'behind the mind', and of our latent capacity for intuition and inspiration, is perhaps unique in the spiritual literature of the West.

Yet alongside the most inspired insights, there is always a considerate and good-humoured appreciation of the challenges facing people in the early stages of the Path.

This is one of three books by Marjorie Waterhouse. She is also the author of Training the Mind through Yoga and What Yoga has to Offer.

'This is essentially Yoga at its highest, and without this basic yet profound knowledge we cannot begin to understand what Yoga is about... An invaluable book for the serious and dedicated student.'
Yoga Today

The teaching of the Vedanta is that the spirit is pure, non-dual, all-pervasive and fundamental. Matter only exists, or rather appears to exist, by virtue of the reality and existence of spirit, on which it is based and on which it depends. If this were not so, chaos would be the only certainty in life, and the truth of Advaita would be disproved.

It has been said somewhere that if this Truth - the truth of Advaita - is a fact, then nothing else matters, but if it is false, nothing matters at all, and this is so. But we have the words and also the example of certain men who have no interest in spreading opinions, only in revealing the Truth. They have seen this Truth more clearly than we see the physical appearance of matter. Their testimony is that through training and self-purification, reality, or God, can be directly seen. It is then that man experiences the non-dual Truth directly and knows himself to be one with it. Direct experience alone convinces and it is direct experience which is the acknowledged goal of the disciple. Until he reaches it, he must watch and follow those who have attained it, for they are liberal-hearted men who will impart the Truth to the one who really seeks to know, when he is ready to receive it.

from The Man of Enlightened Action

212 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-85424-039-5


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