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Triumph of a Hero Vira Vijaya
Swami Mangalnath, translated by H P Shastri
A succinct statement of the pure Advaita view, and the inner means by which it may be realized.
An Advaita classic written in 1905 by a renowned Mahatma of Rishikesh. It embodies his vision of truth and describes in an inspiring way the subjective struggle of the Self of man to free himself from imagined bondage.

'An elegant epitome of the Advaita-Vedanta of Shankara....delineating the true form, feelings and greatness of an ideal Advaitin.'
Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal

'The teaching of the Vedanta is that the spirit is pure, non-dual, all-pervasive and fundamental. Matter only exists, or rather appears to exist, by virtue of the reality and existence of spirit, on which it is based and on which it depends. If this were not so, chaos would be the only certainty in life, and the truth of Advaita would be disproved.

79 pages, hardback, ISBN 9780854240128

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