Shanti Sadan and Self-Knowledge name
Vol.67 No.4 Autumn 2016

All Light, All Peace, All Bliss

Under the shadowy trees, as the breezes played with the leaves,
And the violet clouds sailed overhead,
I sat on the green lawn talking of the Gita.
The heart beat slower and slower,
The eyes closed under the divine decree,
The sparkling light of the mind
Mingled with the great light.
The world was blotted out;
It was as a dusk picture on cloud.
What remained?
Only the One without a second.
Nature cried out: ‘OM TAT SAT, SHANTI, SHANTI’.
This life was a tiny scene
In the infinite dream of Maya.
He lifted the veil and showed His Face:
All light, all peace, all bliss.