Shanti Sadan and Self-Knowledge name
Vol.67 No.3 Summer 2016

          Verses of Bullashah

Silencing the din of thy wandering thoughts,
Be still and learn what thou art!
Give up worldly desires;
This is what thy Guru has taught thee.
Bind thy wayward longings with the cord of detachment;
Know thy real Self.
Says Bullashah: Only thus shalt thou attain peace.

Having sacrificed the little self,
I have found the Friend
And lost all consciousness of the world!
My anxieties are past forever;
My mind is lost in bliss!
I am merged in happiness
And experience eternal peace;
The spiritual fire has consumed duality.
Bullashah says: I have embraced the Friend.

Thy Friend is never separated from thee;
Whom dost thou seek?
Discover first the seeker who is evident in thee;
Surely, thou thyself art the object of all desires,
Thou art the only Friend of the world;
Yet thou seekest after whom? Tell us.

Translated by H.P.S.