Shanti Sadan and Self-Knowledge name
Vol.67 No.3 Summer 2016


Life has a past which is immeasurable. Its origin is shrouded in inscrutable mystery, which has baffled the audacious investigation of science. All that science has to say about the origin of life is: ‘We do not know.’

Another fact is that life has an almost infinite future. It transforms itself, renews itself in nature and in man, in the form of wisdom and maturity of human personality. It flows wrapped up in the vestures of solidity, liquidity and gaseousness. It acquires self-consciousness in man. Now it must mould itself after a pattern guiding itself rationally and super-rationally, to a definite goal, which is infinitisation of itself in actuality.

Man’s life is comparable to creative self-sculpturing. The residue of the animal period in the form of lower instincts, has to be transformed into wisdom, and the consummation of wisdom is love-life. The real ideal of life is to find absorption in the will to universal love. Love in its ultimate analysis, is identification of the logical spark of conscious-ness with the Absolute.

You will ask: ‘What should be our way of life?’ Let us see how nature will answer such a question. As a stream goes through barren rocks, flowery dales, magnificent cities, to unite with the sea, so does life, passing through the innumerable biological strata, end in the absorption in Hari, the sole cause of the origin, sustenance and withdrawal of the universe.

Let every day, every moment, be devoted to the loving remembrance of the Whole called God and let our active life conform to the spiritual code.

A tiny grain of dust which has fallen into your eye will give you no rest until it is removed; so your soul will find no rest until it passes from the temporal region of love and hate, desire and possession, fame and ego-centricity to the region of eternal tranquillity and enlightenment.