Shanti Sadan and Self-Knowledge name
Vol.68 No.1 Winter 2017


When the rains of our desires are over, and the calmness of the mind restored; when the mud of worldliness is dried up; it is then that the mist of error vanishes from view, like the shadow of night on the approach of dawn.

When the sapling of patience takes the place of the uprooted desire, it produces the tree of paradise, yielding the fruits of immortality.

Then raptures of serene delight shoot forth in the soul like blooming roses in the open air, and a cool light is shed on it like the beams of an autumnal moon. It sheds its clear lustre all over the world, and shows the hidden gems in the forests, valleys and hills.

The mind then being purged of its selfishness, turns to universal benevolence and philanthropy.

Know the Supreme Being to be without beginning and without end, the enlightener of all lights, the undecaying, unborn, incomprehensible One. He is the root of thy consciousness, the nature of thy soul.