Shanti Sadan Centre of Traditional Non-Duality

The Non-dual teachings tell us about the highest goal of life - knowledge of our true Self as the reality in all - and the way - the practices that can lead us to this discovery.

Self-Knowledge brings us lasting peace, inner freedom, fearlessness and fulfilment.

Sometimes these authentic teachings are known by their Sanskrit names: Advaita Vedanta - the non-dual understanding of reality, and Adhyatma Yoga - the Way to Self-Knowledge.

As a centre of traditional Non-duality, at Shanti Sadan the teachings are given and practised in their pure, original form, free of charge.

Time and energy spent applying the true teachings is never wasted, and leads progressively towards the supreme goal of Self-discovery.

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Discovering Non-Duality

If you are doing some regular meditation and reflection on the non-dual ideas, you are welcome to contact us with any questions about the teachings, or for further suggestions about your practice.