Daily Meditation Practices

Daily Meditation Practices

Daily meditation is one of the main ways that can lead us from a theoretical understanding of the non-dual teachings to direct knowledge.

In this section there sets of practices that we can take up. It is recommended to choose one of these sets and to do it at a fixed time each day.

One of the keys to successful meditation is to practice regularly at the chosen time - even when we don't feel like it!

See this for more on setting up a regular meditation rhythm.

Each of the following meditation practice sets could be done daily in about 20 minutes. They all include:
- an inner preparation (do this for about two minutes)
- breathing exercise (about four minutes)
- visualization practice (four minutes)
- meditation text (eight minutes)
- closing offering (two minutes)

Meditation Practice 1: I Am the Light that Reveals the Passing Thoughts

Meditation Practice 2: The Light and Freedom of the True Self

You can also see the practices currently being done together on Tuesday evenings at Shanti Sadan.


Discovering Non-Duality

If you are doing some regular meditation and reflection on the non-dual ideas, you are welcome to contact us with any questions about the teachings, or for further suggestions on practice.