What is non-duality? It is both an understanding of ourselves and the world, and a practical way to live well and to fulfil our highest potentials.

The theory is often called the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality), and the method is called Adhyatma Yoga (the way of Self-knowledge).

According to the non-dual understanding, our own deeper self, when fully known, is not different from the Self, the reality, in all beings.

In the light of non-duality, all the variety of the world exists within an all-encompassing unity. To know the nature of this unity, is to know the source of everything.

So the practice starts with developing inner skills and qualities like concentration, relaxation, constructive thinking, compassion.

Then the way continues with the uncovering of what lies beyond the surface of the mind. This is the level of pure consciousness, wholeness and security.

Sometimes, aspects of the teachings are considered separately as:

  • The way of action Karma Yoga
  • The way of devotion Bhakti Yoga
  • The way of knowledge Jnana Yoga

In practice, the way is a combination of these elements, in balance, according to the nature of the individual.

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Methods & Practice

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Discovering Non Duality

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