Methods & Practices

Non-Dual Meditation

Non-Dual Meditation

Non-Dual Meditation Practice

Regular non-dual meditation practice is one of the most effective ways of confirming the truth of the non-dual teachings in our own being.

In the initial stages, meditation is an exercise in concentration and relaxation. We learn to replace unhelpful thought-currents, with consciously chosen expressions of profound truth and well-being.

As meditation deepens, we learn to bring the mind to voluntary stillness. This stillness reveals what lies behind and beyond the movements and appearances on the surface of the mind. Here we discover an abiding consciousness, our true Self.

Mature Meditation

Guided by the non-dual teachings, mature meditation confirms the identity of our Self with the Self in all, the universal reality underlying all appearances.

Regular practice of traditional non-dual meditations opens the capacity for direct experience of reality. This remains dormant so long as the surface of the mind is dominated by unguided thoughts and impulses.

You can find out more about non-dual meditation in this article, and this article, from Self-Knowledge Journal.

Taking up Meditation

If you would like to take up regular non-dual meditation practices, see My Practice.

See here what we do at the Tuesday evening meditation sessions at Shanti Sadan.

Discovering Non-Duality

If you are doing some regular meditation and reflection on the non-dual ideas, you are welcome to contact us with any questions about the teachings, or for further suggestions about your practice.