Books on Non-Duality Published by Shanti Sadan

Specialist and Back Catalogue

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  • Cover of Heart of Shri Shankara

    Heart of Shri Shankara

  • Cover of Yoga Handbook

    Adhyatma Yoga Handbook

  • Cover of Triumph of a Hero

    Triumph of a Hero

  • Cover of Method of the Vedanta

    Method of the Vedanta

  • Cover of Echoes of Japan

    Echoes of Japan

  • Cover of Ramayana of Valmiki

    Ramayana of Valmiki Complete Set

  • Cover of the Shankara Source Book volume 1

    Shankara Source Book

  • Cover of book Yoga for the Modern World

    Yoga for the Modern World

  • Cover of Spiritual Awakening of Science

    Spiritual Awakening of Science

  • Cover of Search for a Guru

    Search for a Guru