Guided Meditation London Sessions

Guided Meditation London Sessions

What happens at the meetings

These meetings are a time to try meditation, learn and practice in a group setting, and become ready to take up meditation regularly.

The sessions run 7pm-8pm every Tuesday (with very occasional exceptions – check the events page). The venue is at 29 Chepstow Villas, London W11 3DR (directions)

Typically, the meetings begin with a few minutes of introduction. Then we do a set of meditation practices, including conscious breathing, visualisations, and meditation on a special text. Afterwards there is time to ask questions and talk informally with the meditation leaders.

We do each set of practices for about four weeks, and after that we begin a new set.

No special clothing or equipment is required as suitable chairs and cushions are provided.

If you have not meditated before, the sessions provide the explanations and guidance needed.

If you meditate regularly the meetings are a time to deepen the practice in the light of the non-dual teachings.

The meetings are free, and everyone is welcome.

The benefits of meditation

The meditations are all based on the non-dual teachings. These provide a non-dogmatic, non-sectarian understanding of the world and our place within it, which can be deepened through meditation and the related practices.

Meditation is a way to gain valuable life-skills such as the ability to concentrate, to relax and to open up creative, positive ways of thinking. And if we choose to, we can use meditation as a way of enquiry into the nature of our own inner Being. According to the non-dual teachings, our deeper Self is at one with the universal Self of all. So here lies the potential for total fulfilment, freedom from fear, and inner freedom.

See the practices we are currently doing on Tuesday evenings here. And more recordings of guided meditation London sessions are here.